5 Apps The Help People Find Other Married People To Date: Brilliant Or Terrible?

“Find the best app to suit your needs”

“Find the best app to suit your needs”

Back in the early 2000s, dating websites quickly increased in popularity. People were able to find potential dates in just a matter of a few clicks. Although this has become a convenient way of meeting new potential dates, people had to sit in front of their computers or laptops for hours. They wasted most of the day’s time browsing through profiles and replying to emails. With the continuing increase of dating websites, there are many niches that have sprouted to cater to diverse targets. One such niche is the married dating websites, you can get a complete guide here at : married-dating-guide.com, it can help you choose the best married dating sites. Married dating sites allow people to meet someone also seeking an affair. Married dating sites are more discreet. You don’t have to personally meet someone for an affair. There is also less to worry about. You don’t have to constantly think about being seen by your husband/ wife’s friends. You don’t have to worry about the credit card details or phone bills that your spouse will find. You can easily start by dropping a quick message.
Rewind about a decade ago, the technology back then was far from perfect. The risk of getting caught was still very high. If you were not careful, your husband/ wife could track your browsing history, messages and chat history. The whole affair in the married dating site greatly depended on the precautionary measures you take on your computer. You had to be sure that your digital footprints were clean from any tracks.

Smartphones: Game Changers

“Smartphone has changed the face of technology”

“Smartphone has changed the face of technology”

Things drastically changed when Smartphones had new operating systems in 2007. Operating systems like iOS and Android revolutionized people’s dependency in technology. People continued to create apps to cater to just about any need that a certain market is looking for.
As long as there are people who are willing to subscribe to it, people will create and innovate technology to meet those needs. For users of married dating sites, apps available in their Smartphones have greatly helped them carry on with their affairs. It’s really surprising that the brains behind the app creation will be able to come up with features that can give a sigh of relief for everyone.
The primary app feature that people with an affair will look for is how well it can keep files hidden. There are many features that have been created to answer this need. There are apps that can deceive spouses by projecting a wholesome image. There are also apps that keep messages, contacts, videos and photos hidden and locked with a passcode. Users of married dating sites will find these following Smartphone apps extremely convenient for keeping their affairs secret. Here are a few:

Shake and Erase – CATE

The Call and Text Erase app, or CATE, is one sneaky app for those who are having an affair. An interesting feature of this app is when you shake your Smartphone your messages will be minimized and be instantly deleted. Imagine your spouse is approaching you while you are reading a message from your secret lover. Just shake your Smartphone and- poof! It’s deleted. Aside from the messages you can also delete the contacts and call logs with just one click. You do not have to worry if your husband/ wife will snatch your phone and browse through its contents. The message will be good as gone. Another feature of the Call and Text Erase app is that you can retrieve and maintain the hidden messages, calls and contacts from your secret lover.

Timed Delete – TigerText

“Be real safe with timed delete option in tiger text”

“Be real safe with timed delete option in tiger text”

When you send a message to someone, the TigerText app will set a deletion timer on that message. The message that you sent will be automatically deleted once the designated time passes. You will not have to worry that your scandalous text will remain in your secret lover’s Inbox. You can rest in the thought that no one else will see your message. Another nifty feature of the TigerText app is that it will allow you to recall and review the message that you sent. It does not matter if the recipient has already opened the message, you can still retrieve it.
Upon seeing the app’s name, one would think that it is named after Tiger Woods. The TigerText app is not associated with Tiger Woods, who has been known to have a string of affairs. Although for someone like Tiger Woods, the app could have been very useful for him.

Disguise and Deceive – Vaulty Stocks

When one sees the Vaulty Stocks app, one would just think that it is a boring stock monitor app. It looks like your usual stocks monitor that shows the fluctuations in the stock market. What the Vaulty Stocks app really does is that is concealed and hides photos and videos in a hidden vault. It is designed to keep nosy husbands/ wives from tinkering with their partner’s Smartphones and finding the most racy pictures of their secret lovers.

Hidden and Locked – Blackbook


“Blackbook for blackberry”

“Blackbook for blackberry”

The Blackbook app is available for Blackberry users. The Blackbook app allows users to organize and maintain a separate contacts list with its corresponding messages. The list will not be part of the phone’s default phonebook and Inbox. The Blackbook app’s icon will also not be visible on the home screen. You have to input the correct passcode so you can access the app. Users can also change the message alert. You do not have to come up with a crafty Codename for your secret lover. Come up with a sneaky message alert like “System Memory Low”. Your husband/ wife will not have the slightest idea that you have already received a message from your secret lover. For adulterer’s, this might be the perfect app for them.

Backup Storage – Mobile Vault

“Move your intimate pictures, videos, messages, emails to a secure vault in your Smartphone”

“Move your intimate pictures, videos, messages, emails to a secure vault in your Smartphone”

Are you prone to losing your phone? The idea of losing your phone scares the wits out of you because you know that it holds content that no other person should see. Don’t worry because the Mobile Vault apps will save you. Mobile Vault puts your files in a private cloud space that you can access using another device. If you lose your phone you can delete the contents in the private cloud space. Mobile Vault will also allow you to hide contacts and messages. Another nifty feature of the Mobile Vault app is that it will take a snapshot of the person who will try to pry it open with a wrong passcode. That way you will know who has been fiddling with Smartphone.
These are just some of the apps that are available for Smartphones. As with other apps, there is a trial version of it. You may have to shell out a few bucks to fully enjoy its features. You have to be careful in choosing your app. Some of them might be a fraud. Instead of keeping your files and messages hidden it might be storing it somewhere that can be publicly accessed.
For adulterers, these apps may cause them to shout “Halleluiah!”. They will no longer have to be confined on their laptops trying to reach their secret lovers. These kinds of apps can help them continue the affair with just a few presses of their fingertips. This proves that technology can indeed be a double-edged sword. It can bring great and positive benefits for some while on the other hand it can help others continue with their illicit activities. At the end of the day, it’s still nothing but a tool for deception.

Control Your Online Image & Meet More Girls As a Result

Meeting women online, for a lot of modern day men, is getting more and more popular. That’s simply because online dating is the best bet for those who…

… do not have the luxury of time to meet potential dates in person.
…need to expand the limits of their mate-hunting territory beyond their locality.
…are comfortable of doing virtual hand-shakes than physical ones.

In a recently released online dating survey, it has been found out that about 80% of the 54 million singles in America have tried meeting a potential mate online. 88% of these singles have used dating sites. The same survey states that the average online dater spends about $250 per year on subscription and membership fees. According to meeting-women-online.com, that figure should be taken as a conservative number. When trying to meet women, men use a multi-prong strategy to solve the “where to meet girls” question and resort to lists of online dating sites for help to find good places to meet women that meet their dating criteria. Indeed, the online dating industry is among the revenue tigers of the Internet. For this, we can say that the success of this industry can be viably translated to one’s success in finding a significant other. But did you know that you don’t really have to spend a fortune so you can bag a date online? Have you been told that controlling your online image is more than enough to be great at meeting women online?

Girls: Boy, do they Stalk!

Alright, this is not really “stalking” but some weird form of an “online background check“. People do this instinctually especially when the subject of the check is a potential mate. With the rise in the number of internet dating crimes such as assault, rape and even those federal offences where one unknowingly becomes an accessory or a part of laundering scams, those who choose to make their dating pursuits online have become more cautious. No wonder when a guy is being adorable to a girl online and a connection starts to take form, the girl puts on her detective hat automatically. And boys, don’t act as if you don’t do this too!

girl looking through a paper cone

Man oh man – do women like to stalk people online!

So how do girls normally undertake their stealthy online detective activities?

  1. You two form a connection that’s strong enough to warrant an exchange of Facebook profiles or phone numbers.
  2. She gets your full name, possibly an idea of where you work or go to school, what your favorite stuffs are, a few details about your family and even your dog’s breed.
  3. She will then Google your name and gathers or opens the results, which fit the things she knows about you.
  4. She gets to see more internet profiles of you. Possibly other social networking profiles such as that one you have on LinkedIn. If you are “public enough,” she may even dig out your long abandoned MySpace and Friendster profiles.
  5. If you had been silly in using the same username on all your online dating profiles, she gets a peek on how well you do in meeting other women online.
  6. Freaked out already? Chill out because getting stalked on is not always a bad thing. In fact, you can use the possibility of getting stalked online to your advantage.

Stalking is NOT Always a Bad Thing

The yield of a woman’s detective undertaking of your ‘where- and whatabouts’ depends on…

…how careful you are in sorting out what goes public on the Internet and what stays private.
…how you put yourself out there.
…how you manage to control and build the image you want to be perceived as online.

As mentioned towards the end of the previous section, you can always use the possibility of getting stalked to your advantage especially when it comes to meeting women online. How? Simple! Just take these steps to heart:

  1. Perform an “online image assessment.” Google your own name.
  2. Take a look at the search results that pertain to you. Are they positive? Do you like the results your search turned in?
  3. Go over your online profiles. Prioritize those that are most recent. Try to assess what these public (and private) profiles tell about you. Sort out your details and be wary of making everything public. Try to be mysterious. Giving everything away can put you out as someone who is desperate.
  4. Don’t forget to find out which photos of you are readily available on the web. Aside from the fact that photos can easily give you away, they can also be used by crooks to build phony profiles to scam people.
  5. Try to see if your online dating profile/s can easily be viewed. Search results that pull your dating profiles that easy may not work to your advantage. As much as possible, vary your dating site usernames and keep all your online dating profiles private.

See? It’s easy. Everything is just a matter of being mindful of the image you want a potential mate, and even the rest of the world, to perceive you to be.

bad online dating profile option

Your online dating profile is available for anyone to view …

Touching Base: Maintain your Online Dating Profiles!

If you are dead serious about trusting your love life or that “special part” of your social life to online dating sites, then you should take the time to go over your online dating profile regularly. A well-put profile that is genuine enough to make your real personality shine is an essential ingredient in being successful at meeting women online. The things you say about yourself and the manner you say these are your first point of contact with any potential date. Sadly, for a lot of men and even women, their inattention to their own dating profiles become the pitfalls and cracks that end up getting filled with tears of desperation and dating frustration. If you see yourself at fault at neglecting your own profile, this is your chance to right the wrong. Below is a list of things you can do to make your online dating profile a place where you build the image of the person you want your future connections to see you as.

  1. Be you. A recent survey done on straight females who are looking for straight males on one of today’s leading dating sites suggests that women are more into nice guys who are honest about their “bad side” than guys who appear to be “all squeaky clean.”
  2. When writing the answers for your dating essay questions, don’t forget to review, proofread and edit where and when needed. While slip-ups on commonly confused terms such as “your” and “you’re,” can be forgiven, you just can’t underestimate the “seductive powers” that’s brought to you by impeccable grammar.
  3. Smile! While mystery never fails to pique interest, not showing your face will do you no good. That’s even when your profile photo is the most flattering snap of your six pack manly abs. The best angles that work for men are “stolen” type ones. Don’t post a photo where you stare right into the camera’s lens. Don’t scare off the ladies with such ‘mugshot-ish’ snaps!

Keeping your online image under your thumb is something that will definitely work to your advantage whether it is for dating, finding and keeping a job, or just keeping a reputable online presence. Remember these things we have talked about and surely you will ace the craft of meeting women online and get something great from your online dating sites. In order to meet the women you actually want to meet; you have to be the person that those women would want to shake hands with. Good luck!

Apple: What’s Next For the Company?

The Latest Fingerprint Technology.

Each new technological device that is invented for smartphones is going to be targeted with the hope of accessing the details of the owner. Apple understands that they need to keep all the equipment they provide secure or it is a certainty that they are going to lose customers confidence quickly.

To keep ahead of the criminals Apple have just taken over AuthenTec who are leaders in the field of scanning especially when it relates to fingerprints. While not owning the full company they have a respectable proportion as the $356 million they invested gave them 58%.

The more uses there are for smartphones, the more there is at risk if the security is not up to scratch. If people are going to use the phones to pay bills or restaurant tabs, they will want to know that they are safe when doing so.

Security codes and passwords may be all well and good for some devices, but if Apple can bring forward the technology of allowing the machine to be unlocked only when presented with the finger print of the owner then it would give confidence to users.

Smartphones are latest technological devices invented by computer scientists

Smartphones are latest technological devices invented by computer scientists

With recent events such as riots and acts of terrorism being blamed on the ability of all to use the internet there will be Governments who will be pleased to see this technology brought in. It will no longer be possible to claim that others have used the device for the immoral or illegal purposes being claimed.

There is the hope that by a company such as Apple bringing in this sort of technology, it will prevent governments bringing in their own Draconian measures for targeting what we all watch and how we use our equipment. If Apple does make a success of fingerprint technology then it is a sure bet that the other companies will follow suit and we will all have the utmost security for our personal details. We will however also have to have a good reason if there have been sites visited on our iPads and calls made on our iPhones.

"Inkless" fingerprinting technology and ink fingerprints

“Inkless” fingerprinting technology and ink fingerprints

There will be the risk to Apple that some customers will not appreciate having their every move monitored and recorded but as other companies follow suit it will be the case of accepting it or missing out on the latest technology. To go forward or let others take the risk is the next big decision for Apple.

Martial Affairs: A Toxic Endeavour

Over the years, research shows that martial affairs have been showing an increasing trend. To some extent, a certain mindset does not consider adultery a taboo; it is just another thing for people to do. However, why do people have these affairs? Some people now believe that human beings cannot maintain monogamous relationships. They believe that their needs cannot be fulfilled by one partner for entire life, therefore they need to switch partners and since this view is limited to few only; they cannot communicate it to their partners and thus resort to secret affairs. Other people believe that they do not deserve to be in a situation, which makes them unhappy. Therefore, they engage in any activity that makes them happy, be it a one night stand over a 5-year marriage.

In addition, partners who come home to a complicated marriage rather than comfort often tend to engage in such affairs as well. People expect their partners to understand, be supportive, and be comforting and loving. They are not interested in a relationship that is filled with complications and unnecessary drama. Over the years, people have also encountered a massive change in their attitudes, which is increasing such affairs. People are now more individualistic and self-centered, and compromising factor has decreased drastically. People no longer tend to make a boring and issued filled marriage work, they simply get their needs or wants form someone else. People, who undergo personal issues, also tend to have affairs.

Extra marital affair! The term itself scrawls your forehead and brings a frowning look into your eye

Extra marital affair! The term itself scrawls your forehead and brings a frowning look into your eye

Even though the above causes are the most common reasons for people having affairs’, it is important to remember that causes for an affair can be numerous and are usually different for every person. These causes can occur in a happy and an unhappy marriage; it solely depends on the person. However, how does having an affair affect the relationship? An affair is perhaps the worst that can happen to any marriage. In fact, 17 percent of all divorces are being caused because of martial affairs. Victims of such affairs suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, loss, anger and flashbacks. Such individual thus tend to affect their other parts of their lives as well. Research states that people suffering through emotional distress tend to be unhappy individuals, and they have a low performance and often become social outcast.

hile a very small minority of people enjoy the thought of getting caught cheating, the vast majority of us find the thought utterly terrifying

hile a very small minority of people enjoy the thought of getting caught cheating, the vast majority of us find the thought utterly terrifying

These affairs not only affect the marriage, but they also affect the children. Children also tend to suffer from the above-mentioned effects of an affair. In fact, they are likely to have difficulties in their relationships when they grow older too. Thus, affairs have a triple effect. People who indulge in extramarital affairs want to take control of their lives; they have less of an urge for a companion. Therefore, it can be concluded that married affairs are toxic. They cause severe damage to people; but even so 50 percent of men and 60 percent of women will indulge in such an affair at least once in their life. Because of this, the increase of individual therapy and couples therapy has also been increasing.

Understanding the Process of Dealing with Death

Losing a person you love whether it is a family member or a close friend is a very difficult experience to go through but unfortunately, all of us have to face it at least once in our lives. Whether your loved one dies as a result of a long illness or they died in a tragic accident, the loss is just as hard to bear. While nothing has the potential to bring back your loved one, there is a chance that by understanding what you are going through and what you are expected to go through as the days goes by after their death, you might find it a little bit easier to deal with their death.

When the initial shock and grief wears off, you will mostly likely experience a variety of emotions like anger and guilt. Sometimes, it may even seem that the sadness you are feeling is consuming your entire being and will never end. Many people feel angry at themselves for not being able to control these emotions but what needs to be understood is that these emotions are entirely normal and a part of the reaction process to deal with death. What you need to do is accept all of these emotions and allow yourself to go through them in order to be part of this entirely natural process. If you feel like crying then it does not mean you should hold it in. Crying is a process made entirely for humans and it actually helps them to feel better about their situation.

Learn how to identify and control these negative emotions with hypnotherapy

Learn how to identify and control these negative emotions with hypnotherapy

Plus, if you try to hold your emotions inside, the process of dealing with death is going to take months or even years and eventually these emotions will catch up with you. There are no correct or incorrect ways to deal with someone’s death, every person likes to do it their own way but there are definitely some healthy ways to grieve that one should be aware of.

The grief you feel after you lose someone will most likely manifest itself in stages; first, you will be in shock or denial followed by anger at the situation. During this time, you might be trying to bargain with the creator of all things that what happened does not happen at all. You will begin to get depression at this stage which will hamper your emotional well-being and your daily routine. But eventually you will reach the stage of acceptance in which the loss of your loved one is present but you accept the situation and are ready to move on with your life.

Guys Can Emotional Maturity Leads to Weight Loss

Guys Can Emotional Maturity Leads to Weight Loss

Remember many people will not go through these stages of grief in the order mentioned and in fact, they may not go through all of these stages. They might not entire the bargaining process at all. The point is as long as you can identify it as grief and can accept whatever you are feeling, you are in a better position to understand the entire process of grief and you are on the road to healing and recovery from a terrible loss.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card

Credit cards are a good way to pay for services and goods. However, if you use your credit card too much without control, you can easily land yourself into financial strain and even credit card debts. Some people choose to own more than one credit card, meaning that they need to be careful with the way they use the cards, otherwise it is quite easy to accumulate debt on one card in case of simply forgetting to make payment to clear the debt.

Depending on the needs of a person, the choice of the right credit card can be guided by various factors. Some credit card companies will offer great rewards to people using their credit cards although most of the times their APR is high. The following are some of the things you should consider when opting for a credit card.

Affordable Interest Rates

Interest rates charged on credit cards vary from one credit card company to another. Credit cards are definitely great to have but they have their own downside. Whatever you spend using your credit card must be repaid with interest. Therefore, when choosing a credit card company, consider the Annual Percentage Rate you will be charged. If you are looking to save or cut down on the interest you will pay when using the credit cards, ensure that you choose a credit card company or type of credit card that has a lower APR. Shop around to choose a credit card company that offers a lower APR.

Tips For Using Your Credit Card

Tips For Using Your Credit Card

Check the Fees

Consider the fees attached to each card. Some credit card companies have high amounts of fees for processing the payments you make using your card. When choosing the company and credit card, ensure that you read the entire fine print to understand the charges that are going to come with your new card. Sometimes, you will find companies charging a lower APR yet the charges for processing payments on purchases are extremely high.

Any Rewards?

When choosing the right credit card, you can also consider the rewards the credit card company is offering. These rewards can range from autographed basketballs to airline miles. Most credit card companies offer these rewards, although they differ from one company to another. Some credit card will get more points when you use them at some outlets or in a certain way. The bottom line is that the incentives that come with these cards can be the same but the points you will get can vary. Choose the right credit card depending on the way you will use it and how you will benefit from it more.

Getting the Most out of Credit Card Rewards

Getting the Most out of Credit Card Rewards

Getting into shape the Hollywood way

The Hollywood stars know how to take care of their bodies. You need to do the same. You cannot overexert the body. Start slow and gradually proceed to more complex exercises. You need to start with stretching exercises which will ensure that your body gets accustomed to exercise, activity and movement. Do not work out for too long at the beginning dedicate only a few hours, maybe one hour to your workout. Slowly increase the duration. Stretch your body only to an extent that you can take and never more than what is desire.

So you need to see that those areas are getting the attention that is most troublesome to control. The Hollywood celebrities focus on each part of their body before they can actually attain the perfect body.

Hot Celebrity Hollywood Hollywood

Hot Celebrity Hollywood Hollywood

  • Area no. 1- Calves. This requires a lot of work. You have to focus on the little part of your leg for at least a minute every day. This will ensure toning and you must do it on both legs.
  • Area no. 2- Hamstrings. You must be gentle with this work out because nothing is more painful than pulling a hamstring.
  • Area no.3- Thighs. You have to give equal focus on both thighs for you to gain toned thigh muscle.
  • Area no. 4- Pectoral Muscles. This will need you to do various kinds of exercises which will require you to exert pressure on your shoulders and forearm as well.
  • Area no. 5- Shoulders. You have to exert pressure on your forearm as well where you will have to do various kinds of push ups.
  • Area no. 6- Groin. A little error here and there with your work out and OUCH! It will hurt really terribly. So be careful with this area.
  • Area no. 7- Buttocks. This can be a pain to work out as the fat accumulated here is difficult to shed. This will take time so do not lose hope.
  • Area no. 8- Side flexors. This will require you to stand with your feet apart and bend your hands alternatively towards the opposite foot. This needs to be repeated various times.

    The Hollywood stars

    The Hollywood stars

You can always aspire to be like the Hollywood stars by following this hardworking approach to fitness as opposed to getting into eating disorders that are not beneficial for anyone. It is important to plan out such exercise regime just like the stars.